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Silver Fox Squares: January 2018 Update

Another great month, and year, for our square dance clubs. Our Christmas Dance on December 15th was full of dancing and lots of twirling. We also had several very nice door prizes that were given away at the dance. Continue reading Silver Fox Squares: January 2018 Update


Big Barn Dance 2017

Tonight was our long anticipated Big Barn Dance. I think we can safely say we all had a wonderful night at the Barn Dance. The evening was about as perfect as it could be. The Barn was beautifully decorated with handmade quilts and the tables were so pretty with the club colors of silver, black, and white decorations. I won’t even go into all of the great refreshments we had from pasta salad, chicken, meatballs, pineapple casserole and so many delicious desserts! Then sitting together, talking around the fire, and roasting marshmallows was the perfect way to end such a wonderful event. Continue reading Big Barn Dance 2017

New Dance Location

Ok…. I’m so excited I couldn’t wait until I got home to tell everyone. 
As you know our dance this Friday has been cancelled as FEMA is using the Bradford County Senior Center. 
However we will be dancing at the First United Methodist Church located at 200 N. Walnut St. in Starke beginning Friday October 6th from 7:00-9:00. 
Please see the map below for directions or contact us for more information. 
A big thank you to the church for allowing us to use their hall so we can continue dancing. 




Chili Dog Dangle Dance

We had such a great time on Friday, June 9th, at our Chili Dog Dangle Dance. We had several visitors from other clubs and everyone had great big smiles on their faces. It was great to see everyone having so much fun!

Some of us went to Powell’s Dairy Freeze after the dance for ice cream and more laughs!

We want to thank everyone who attended for making this dance such a success. We really enjoyed having you join us for food, fun, and fellowship! We also want to thank our club members who provided the wonderful refreshments. Everything was delicious!

Several people ordered dangles which should be here soon. I will post a picture of the Dangles when they arrive.

Below are some pictures from the dance. You can also check us out on Facebook to see some video clips. Be sure to come visit us at our next dance in June. We have upcoming events and dates listed under the Events tab. We will also update the new flyers as soon as possible!


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I forgot to mention that the Moose Promenaders also took our banner back with them! We will have to get our club together to retrieve our banner and bring it back home soon.

Clay Allemanders: June 2017 Updates

Here is the latest update for the Clay Allemanders which is where Shane and Ken call on Monday nights.

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Clay Allemanders … Got a new Home!

On May 22, The Clay Allemanders held their first home dance in their new hall with a great new caller, Shane Perez, and his father, Ken, as co-caller. This new hall has better acoustics and a larger dance floor.

On our first night in the new hall we elected our Presidents, Bill & Paula Dion, and Vice Presidents, Asoa Whiting & Irene Strickland. We also had a surprise visit from caller, Ernie Rollen, who helped call a tip with Shane and Ken.

Thanks to Asoa Whiting, long time dancer and Clay member, who reached out to his own church, and Voila!  He made arrangements for the Clay Allemanders to continue their weekly Monday home dances.  We will continue to dance on Monday evenings throughout the summer!

Many of you may remember a very nice 5th Saturday Dance at this same hall a…

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Silver Fox Squares: June 2017 Update

Wow! What a busy month for us! The Silver Fox Squares would like to thank everyone who attended our most recent dance, the Sombrero/Crazy Hat Dangle Dance. Our callers were Ken ‘Silver Fox’ Perez and Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez. We were thrilled to see so many people come with so many different hats.
Many of the dancers also ordered dangles which have arrived and can be picked up on a club night. We dance every Friday night at the Bradford County Senior Center in Starke.
If you didn’t get to make it for this past dance please be sure to mark your calendars for June 9th for our upcoming Chili Dog Dangle Dance and July 21st for our Red, White, & Blue Dance.
We have also enjoyed dancing with many different visitors from other clubs throughout the month. On May 25th several dancers from the Silver Fox Squares went to the Moose Promenaders to retrieve our banner that was taken in April. This was the first banner retrieval done by many of our club members and we all had a great time!
We hosted a Mainstream Workshop on May 27th for our class. A big ‘Thank you’ to the visitors from other clubs who attended to brush up on calls and help our new dancers. Our dancers also provided lots of great food and refreshments for us to enjoy during our busy day.
We would like to invite everyone to check us out and like our page on Facebook to stay informed of upcoming events and activities at our club. We also post a lot of pictures and videos from the different classes, dances, and events that we participate in. We also have a web page, http://www.silverfoxsquares.wordpress.com, that you can follow for updates.
Check out the newest updates for the Clay Allemanders as well. Shane and Ken call there on Mondays.
May 5th — Sombrero/Crazy Hat Dangle Dance:

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May 18th — Visitation @ Moose Promenaders Luau:

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May 25th — Banner Retrieval:

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May 27th — Mainstream Workshop:

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Chili Dog Dangle Dance

Mark your calendars for our next dance!Chili Dog Dance Flyerpaw