Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez

Square is dancing is good for the heart, mind, body, and soul.

General Summary

Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez is a professional square dance caller and square dance instructor.  He has over 30 years of experience as he has been square dancing, calling, and assisting his father Ken ‘Silver Fox’ Perez since the tender young age of 5 years old.


Together they have danced and called for several clubs in Florida such as the Silver Foxes, Plus Foxes, Silver Stars, Celebrity Squares, Prestige 55, Sunset Squares, Clay Allemanders, Mandarin Marauders, and various other clubs in the area. They are the only Father/Son duo that we currently know of.


Shane is a very family oriented individual and he often has at least one of his children come along with him to his dances. His youngest son seems to be following in his dad’s footsteps and enjoys ‘calling’ to his family and friends at home as well as ‘teaching’ everyone how to square dance.


When Shane is not calling or dancing he can be found spending time with his family or working on some project around the house. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, four wheeling, and a variety of other hobbies.

Current Experience

Shane is currently the co-caller and instructor at the Silver Fox Squares in Starke, Silver Stars in Ft. White, and at the Mandarin Marauders in Jacksonville, Florida. He has done numerous one-nighters, parties, fundraisers, and special events for other clubs and organizations in the local area as well.

Shane is also available for hire as a caller or instructor for ‘first nighters’, parties, fundraisers, and other special events.

Past Experience

In the past Shane has joined his father on many special square dance adventures such as cruises and even dancing on a paddle boat. They have also danced at campgrounds, fairs, parades, shopping malls, and even a backyard BBQ or two.

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Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez with callers: John Robbins, Ken ‘Silver Fox’ Perez, Ellis Lindsey, Matt Worley Sheila Terhune, Charles Pergrossi, and caller Ed Hauck. 

Shane and his father regularly guest at other clubs and events in the area. Shane enjoys dancing to his father and various other callers as well.  Shane has attended several National and State conventions and has had the opportunity to call with some National Callers such as Tony Oxendine.

He has also attended many local and regional events to show his support for local and regional callers. He has also helped to organize many events to promote square dancing in general.

(Shane and Susie at The Whirl and Twirls Square Dance Club in Orlando, FL in April 2018.)


(The Big Barn Dance in December of 2017.)


(Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez, Susie Kirby, Matt Worley — National Caller,

and Evan Perez in November 2017.)

(NEFSARDA Fall Festival Carnival Dance in November 2017.)


(Joan Perez, Susie Kirby, Evan Perez, Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez, Becki Holcomb, Bobby White aka ‘The Basketball Cop’, and in the back is Ken ‘Silver Fox’ Perez in October 2017.)

In April 2018 Shane had the opportunity to call for a private event at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge in Orlando, FL. He instructed a group dancers who performed for a crowd of over 600 guests. Everyone had a wonderful time!

In September 2017 Shane and his father were callers at a NEFSARDA 5th Saturday Dance where the dancers helped to collect toys for the Basketball Cop Foundation. The toys and donations were later presented to Officer Bobby White, aka The Basketball Cop, at a dance held by the Silver Fox Squares club in Starke, FL.


In August 2017 Shane and his father helped to organize the Silver Stars Square Dance Club in Ft. White, FL. They had been holding classes in the area for over a year before making the club ‘official’.


Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez and Ken ‘Silver Fox’ Perez at the Clay Allemanders in 2017

From March 2017 to August 2017 Shane and his father were callers at the Clay Allemanders Square Dance Club in Middleburg, FL.

Other Affiliations

  • Member of CALLERLAB
  • Member of Rural Callers Association
  • Member of Gateway Callers Association
  • Member of Florida Callers Association
  • Insured with ASCAP and BMI


  • Shane is professional, patient, kind, and attentive to new dancers and assists them in any way he can to help them achieve their goals.
  • Shane is not afraid of hard work or challenges and will strive to overcome any obstacle.
  • Shane is dependable, respectful, honest, detailed oriented, and he works well with others.
  • Shane enjoys square dancing, calling, and teaching and he makes it a fun and enjoyable experience for all those around him.
  • Shane is very friendly, outgoing, and enjoys meeting others and strangers soon become friends.

More Information

You can find out more about Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez by liking and following him on Instagram and Facebook. You can also learn more about the clubs by following and liking their pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as checking out the club events on

Square Dance Callers can turn a good party into a great one that will be remembered and talked about for a long time! Getting people dancing and having fun is what we do! No Square Dance experience is required as Square Dance instruction is given with a minimum of confusion and a maximum of fun. Everyone, from beginners to experienced dancers, is sure to have an amazing experience.
Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez and his father Ken ‘Silver Fox’ Perez can accommodate any size event from a backyard barbecue, birthday party, or community dance to larger corporate events. They have a variety of music which includes country music, bluegrass, swing, Cajun and rock ‘n roll.
Prices vary depending on location and services provided. For more information on date availability and rates please call (904) 263-2791 or contact us by email at or at

We look forward to meeting you in a square soon!



With callers Ken 'Silver Fox' Perez and co-caller Shane 'Little Bear' Perez.

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