Silver Fox Squares: June 2018 Update

Pictured – Front row left to right: Ellis Lindsey, Sheila Terhune, and Charles Pergrossi. Back row left to right: Ed Hauck, Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez, and Ken ‘Silver Fox’ Perez.

Another great month for our square dance clubs.


The Silver Stars have had many great visitors from area clubs like the Dixie Dancers in Lake City and the Salty Bobbers in Steinhatchee. On May 12th we also had local callers and a cuer in the hall along with caller, Sheila Terhune, from Indiana. Then on May 26th they held a Memorial Dance where some of the dancers got together to earn a Mummy Dangle by wrapping the caller in toilet paper and festive red and blue streamers. The Salty Bobbers also held a banner raid and took the club banner back home with them.

Our Silver Fox Squares in Starke have been DARK and will continue to be DARK until further notice.

We are looking forward to starting new classes in the Fall and would like anyone who may be interested in classes to contact us.

You can dance to Ken and Shane at the Mandarin Marauders in Jacksonville. Please join us on Mondays from 7:00-9:00 pm at:

Mandarin Senior Center
3848 Hartley Road
Jacksonville, Fl 32256

The Mandarin Marauders will be raided on Monday June 4th by the Upsilon Sigma Delta who are a brand new chapter of the Rollaways square dance club formed by the youth dancers.

We would like to remind everyone that there are many local dances and events that you can attend and/or participate in.  We often have flyers at our dances and posted on our website.

If you are going on vacation you can look up clubs in the area on or even Facebook to locate a local club.

Please call or message us for more information. Our contact information is on the last page of the newsletter.

With everyone’s help and  support our clubs will grow and prosper and we can help to keep this tradition alive.

A special thanks to everyone who has visited our club and supported us. Be sure to sign up for our email list if you haven’t already done so.

Also a big ‘Thank You’ to our club members for their teamwork and dedication to helping our clubs grow and prosper.

Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram. Please check out our webpage for club news and upcoming events.

We encourage everyone to sign up for our email lists and/or like and follow us on social media so you will be the first to know about our dance schedules and special events that we may have planned.  We welcome dancers of all levels to come join us.

As some of you may know Shane had the opportunity to go to Orlando to teach Square Dance in April. This was for an event that was done at the Wilderness Lodge at Disney World. There were over 600 attendees at the actual event!

While in Orlando Shane and Susie also had the opportunity to visit the Whirl & Twirls, a local club there, with caller Whitt Brown.

There have also been many other visitations to local clubs, like the Grand Squares,  the Dixie Dancers, the Citrus Squares, and the Rollaways, in the past couple of months.

As you can see Square Dancing can open up a world of opportunities for your family, friends, and yourself!

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