Big Barn Dance 2017

Tonight was our long anticipated Big Barn Dance. I think we can safely say we all had a wonderful night at the Barn Dance. The evening was about as perfect as it could be. The Barn was beautifully decorated with handmade quilts and the tables were so pretty with the club colors of silver, black, and white decorations. I won’t even go into all of the great refreshments we had from pasta salad, chicken, meatballs, pineapple casserole and so many delicious desserts! Then sitting together, talking around the fire, and roasting marshmallows was the perfect way to end such a wonderful event. Our clubs came together and really outdid themselves yet again! A special thanks to Bill and Debbie Cassidy for hosting the dance. Another big thanks to the FIVE’ wonderful callers we had: Ken ‘Silver Fox’ Perez, Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez, Ellis Lindsey, Charles Pergossi, and John Robbins who kept the crowd entertained throughout the night. And last but not least a thank you to everyone who attended and supported event. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. We look forward to making this an annual event and I’m sure next year will be even bigger and better. You are invited to come visit the Silver Stars on Tuesdays at the Tustenuggee United Methodist Church from 7:00- 9:00 and the Silver Fox Squares on Fridays at the First United Methodist Church in Starke. The Annual Christmas dance will be Friday, December 15th in Starke. Below are just a few pics from the dance but we will have more to come! Please like, comment, and share. #silverfoxsquares#fwsilverstars#kensilverfoxperez#shanelittlebearperez#ellislindsey#charlespergossi#johnrobbins#partybarn#bigbarndance#squaredancingisgoodfortheheartmindbodyandsoul


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