Clay Allemanders: June 2017 Updates

Here is the latest update for the Clay Allemanders which is where Shane and Ken call on Monday nights.

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Clay Allemanders … Got a new Home!

On May 22, The Clay Allemanders held their first home dance in their new hall with a great new caller, Shane Perez, and his father, Ken, as co-caller. This new hall has better acoustics and a larger dance floor.

On our first night in the new hall we elected our Presidents, Bill & Paula Dion, and Vice Presidents, Asoa Whiting & Irene Strickland. We also had a surprise visit from caller, Ernie Rollen, who helped call a tip with Shane and Ken.

Thanks to Asoa Whiting, long time dancer and Clay member, who reached out to his own church, and Voila!  He made arrangements for the Clay Allemanders to continue their weekly Monday home dances.  We will continue to dance on Monday evenings throughout the summer!

Many of you may remember a very nice 5th Saturday Dance at this same hall a…

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