April Fool’s Dangle Dance Pictures

On Saturday, April 1st, the Silver Fox Squares hosted their April Fool’s Dangle Dance with callers Ken ‘Silver Fox’ Perez and Shane Perez. There was plenty of dancing, smiling, and fun to be had all around. As well as many delicious refreshments provided by the Silver Fox Squares Club.

A special thanks to all of our visitors which included dancers from the Clay Allemanders, Moose Promenaders, Celebrity Squares, Seabreeze Singles, and NEFSARDA . We would also like to thank Mark Fetzer for calling a tip for us and Susan Snider for the Rounds. Thank you all for a wonderful  evening!

A group of dancers also gathered at Powell’s Dairy Freeze, in Starke, afterwards for more food, fun, and socializing.

Here is a picture of the Dangle we earned:


And a slideshow of all the fun we had:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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