Silver Fox Squares: January 2018 Update

Another great month, and year, for our square dance clubs. Our Christmas Dance on December 15th was full of dancing and lots of twirling. We also had several very nice door prizes that were given away at the dance. Continue reading Silver Fox Squares: January 2018 Update

Important Updates

FEMA is currently using the Bradford County Senior Center due to Hurricane Irma. All events have been cancelled including the Friday night dances for the Silver Fox Squares.

There will be no dance this Friday (September 29, 2017). Continue reading Important Updates

Sock Hop Dangle Dance

We were rockin and a rollin at the Silver Fox Squares Sock Hop on August 18th!
A big thanks to our visitors and our club members.


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Silver Fox Squares: August 2017 Update

What a great month for the Silver Fox Squares!

On July 1st  some of our club members attended the Independence Day celebration in Ocala. It was a very fun event and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

July 8th was the annual Christmas in July Dance, in Williston, to benefit the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa, FL. There was a lot of great dancing and many great callers were there as well as a Chinese Auction, Cake Walk, and 50/50.

The benefit dance was a huge success and raised $3,663.55 to donate. If you didn’t attend this year you should make plans to attend next year! Continue reading Silver Fox Squares: August 2017 Update

Exciting News!

Most of you know that we have been busy working on some special events for the club and such. I am happy to let everyone know that we have the information available for the 5th Saturday Dance in September!

Our callers, Ken ‘Silver Fox’ Perez and Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez, will be calling at this dance. The dance will be held in Lake City at the Richardson Community Center.

We will be collecting toys for the Basketball Cop Foundation. This foundation was started, by Officer Bobby White of the Gainesville Police Department, after a dash cam video from a noise disturbance call went viral last year. (You can click on the links to find out more about this foundation.)

We look forward to seeing you all there! Continue reading Exciting News!

Silver Fox Squares: July 2017 Update

June was another busy and exciting month for the Silver Fox Squares.

On June 2nd we had a special surprise when Tony & Sheila Cridge attended our dance. They are the clubs Vice-Presidents and have been unable to attend for a while due to health problems. It was so nice to see them back and we hope to see a lot more of them in the upcoming  months!

Then on June 9th the Silver Fox Squares hosted a Chili Dog Dangle Dance which was a big success! We had visitors from several clubs and we enjoyed dancing to our callers Ken  ‘Silver Fox’ Perez and Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez as well as  visiting caller, Bill Chestnut. Then on July 16th we had a surprise mystery guest caller, Ronnie Langley from Calhoun, GA!

Mysterious things and people seem to appear without notice at our dances and we are pleasantly surprised every time. Continue reading Silver Fox Squares: July 2017 Update

Red, White, & Blue Dance

Our Red, White, & Blue Dance was a huge success! We thank everyone who attended and made it so much fun.

Everyone looked so patriotic dressed in their red, white, and blue and the colors were so beautiful on the floor. Continue reading Red, White, & Blue Dance

Square Dancing and Your Health


Some of the possible benefits of Square dancing are:

* A half-hour of square dancing can burn between 200 and 400 calories

* slower heart rate

* lower blood pressure

* improved cholesterol levels

* stress reduction

* improved focus and mental clarity

* can help to strengthen weight bearing bones

Not to mention the social aspects as well which can include:

* promotes good self esteem

* promotes a more positive outlook

Where’s The Dance?

I am excited to let everyone know that we are now listed on the Where’s The Dance website!

The support team there has been so wonderful helping to get us set up. The videos they provide also make it super easy for anyone to learn the system. The system itself is relatively easy to navigate as well. Continue reading Where’s The Dance?

Silver Fox Squares: June 2017 Update

Wow! What a busy month for us! The Silver Fox Squares would like to thank everyone who attended our most recent dance, the Sombrero/Crazy Hat Dangle Dance. Our callers were Ken ‘Silver Fox’ Perez and Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez. We were thrilled to see so many people come with so many different hats.
Many of the dancers also ordered dangles which have arrived and can be picked up on a club night. We dance every Friday night at the Bradford County Senior Center in Starke.
If you didn’t get to make it for this past dance please be sure to mark your calendars for June 9th for our upcoming Chili Dog Dangle Dance and July 21st for our Red, White, & Blue Dance.
We have also enjoyed dancing with many different visitors from other clubs throughout the month. On May 25th several dancers from the Silver Fox Squares went to the Moose Promenaders to retrieve our banner that was taken in April. This was the first banner retrieval done by many of our club members and we all had a great time!
We hosted a Mainstream Workshop on May 27th for our class. A big ‘Thank you’ to the visitors from other clubs who attended to brush up on calls and help our new dancers. Our dancers also provided lots of great food and refreshments for us to enjoy during our busy day.
We would like to invite everyone to check us out and like our page on Facebook to stay informed of upcoming events and activities at our club. We also post a lot of pictures and videos from the different classes, dances, and events that we participate in. We also have a web page,, that you can follow for updates.
Check out the newest updates for the Clay Allemanders as well. Shane and Ken call there on Mondays.
May 5th — Sombrero/Crazy Hat Dangle Dance:

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May 18th — Visitation @ Moose Promenaders Luau:

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May 25th — Banner Retrieval:

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May 27th — Mainstream Workshop:

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May 2017 Club Updates: Clay Allemanders

Exciting news!

Kirby's Korner Blog

Club updates from the Clay Allemanders in Middleburg. Shane is the caller and Ken is the co-caller.

Greetings from Clay Allemanders!

We have some exciting new news.  Clay Allemanders will be moving to a new Home Dance Hall

Our first Dance in the New Hall will be next Monday, May 22.

The Location: Middleburg United Methodist Church Family Center Building,
                               Address: 3925 Main Street Middleburg.

Directions are very easyCome down Blanding Blvd. until you see the Wells Fargo Bank on the left side of Blanding. Make a left turn on Palmetto Road, just before passing the Bank.  There is a traffic light there.  Go on down Palmetto until you t-bone to the intersection of Main Street.  Make a right turn.  Look on your left, you will spot the Middleburg United Methodist Church.  The first building to the complex is the Family Life Center.  That’s our new…

View original post 215 more words

Sombrero/Crazy Hat Dangle Dance 

We had such a great time on Friday, May 5th, at our Sombrero/Crazy Hat Dance. We had several visitors from other clubs and almost everyone had some kind of interesting hat.  (Some of us had more than one hat which we swapped out during the dance.)

Several people ordered dangles which should be here soon. I will post a picture of the Dangles when they arrive.

Below are some pics from the dance and you can also check us out on Facebook to see some video clips. Be sure to come visit us at our next dance in June. We have upcoming events and dates listed under the Events tab. We will also update the new flyers as soon as possible!

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April 21, 2017

We had so much with our surprise visitors from the Clay Allemanders!

Of course we also went out to  Powell’s Dairy Freeze afterwards for ice cream and shakes.

Be sure to check out our Facebook page for videos.

2017 Upcoming Events

The following is a proposed list of upcoming events. Our normal dance nights are on Fridays in Starke at the Bradford County Senior Center. Please be sure to check back frequently for changes and/or additions. (Links will update closer to specific dates.)

* Special Dangle Dance


 5          Sombrero/Crazy Hat Dance *

(wear a sombrero or a crazy hat)

12          Regular Dance

19          Regular Dance

26          Regular Dance


2           Regular Dance

 9           Chili Dog Dance *

16          Regular Dance

23          Regular Dance

30          Regular Dance


7          Regular Dance

14          Regular Dance

21          Red, White, & Blue Dance *

28          Regular Dance


4           Special Guest Caller: John Robbins

11          Regular Dance

18          Sock Hop Dance *

25          Regular Dance


1          Regular Dance

8          Regular Dance

15          Regular Dance

22          Regular Dance Cancelled due to Hurricane

29          Regular Dance

30          NEFSARDA 5th Saturday Dance

Note:  No Special Dance — 5th Saturday Dance in Lake City (Ken and Shane will be calling)


6         Regular Dance

13         Friday The 13th Dance /

Dress in Costume *

20          Regular Dance

27          Regular Dance


3           Regular Dance

10          Regular Dance

17          Regular Dance

 24          Black Friday Dance * Cancelled

(Bring a leftover dish)


1           Regular Dance

8           Regular Dance

15          Christmas Special Dance

(bring a toy for admission)

22          Regular Dance Cancelled

29          Regular Dance  Cancelled

2018 Classes Starting Soon!

Classes Starting Soon!

Are you looking to make new friends and meet new people in a fun family friendly atmosphere? Well, the Silver Fox Squares and the Fort White Silver Stars would like to invite you to check us out. We plan to start new classes in the New Year and would love to have you join us.

Square dancing has many health benefits as well as being a great stress reliever.

No previous experience necessary! Singles and couples are welcome. Children,ages 10 and up, will dance FREE when their parent enrolls in class. We have members of all ages who meet once a week for classes and dances.

Our callers are always staying up to date with the newest songs and strive to keep us well entertained. Not too mention our club always has delicious refreshments too.

Still not sure if this is right for you? We will give you your first lesson FREE! Email us with your name, number, and any questions you may have.

So please like, follow, comment, and share our page to be informed of special events, dances, and new classes starting soon.

Below is a video from a recent dance that members of our club attended with many local and nationwide callers.

Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez is a local square dance caller who calls with Ken ‘Silver Fox’ Perez for the Silver Fox Squares here in Starke, FL and for the Silver Stars in Ft. White, FL.


Click here to watch the video on YouTube. Here is another video.


Postponed: Graduation Dance

Please note that the Graduation Dance scheduled for November 7, 2017 in Ft. White has been postponed! We will announce a new date soon!

Please be sure to like and follow our Facebook page, blog, and/or sign up for our email list to be informed of special events and dates.

Thank you!

Silver Fox Squares: October 2017 Update

We had a rough start to the month of September and were forced to cancel dances in Starke and Ft. White due to Hurricane Irma. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by the recent storms.

On September 22nd we had a dance and NEFSARDA came to retrieve the banner that our club had received at the previous 5th Saturday Dance in July. There was plenty of dancing and good times to be had by all.

Many of the dancers met afterwards at Powell’s Dairy Freeze for a bite to eat and some sweet treats. Everyone is always so very nice to us there.

During the week of the 29th we were informed that FEMA would be using the Bradford County Senior Center and all activities had been cancelled, which included our square dances.

Not to fear as arrangements were made  to start dancing at the First United Methodist Church at 200 N. Walnut St. in Starke.  (A map will be on page 3.) Our first dance in this hall will be on October 6th. We invite everyone to come out and join us as we will be having a very special guest. (See below for more information.)

September 30th was the 5th Saturday dance in Lake City with our very own callers Ken & Shane calling  and Ed Hauck was the cuer. (See page 2.)

A special thanks to everyone who has visited our club and supported us. Be sure to sign up for our email list if you haven’t already done so.

Also a big ‘Thank You’ to our club members for their teamwork and dedication to helping our clubs grow and prosper.

Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram. Please check out our webpage for club news and upcoming events.

Our next special club dance will be our Friday the 13th Dangle Dance on October 13, 17 with a Special Guest Caller!

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see below for the full newsletter:

Silver Fox Squares Club Newsletter, October 2017

Silver Fox Squares: September 2017 Update

What another great month for the Silver Fox Squares!

On August 4th we had special guest caller, John Robbins, join us. He taught us some new calls and we are looking forward to having him visit again!

Then on August 12th the Silver Fox Squares joined the Silver Stars for a Potluck ‘Sound Check’ Dance at the Party Barn. Everyone had a great time and we want to thank Bill & Debbie Cassidy for inviting us out and allowing us to use their barn.

August 18th was our Sock Hop Dangle Dance. We rocked around the clock in our poodle skirts and saddle shoes. The guys had their hair slicked back and everyone had a blast.  Between tips we snacked on some RC colas and Moon Pies along with many other great refreshments supplied by our wonderful club member.

Many people ordered dangles and we will let everyone know when they are available for pickup.

We also met at Powell’s Dairy Freeze, as we do after many dances, and continued on with the fun and lively conversations.

A special thanks to everyone who has visited our club and supported us. Be sure to sign up for our email list if you haven’t already done so.

Also a big ‘Thank You’ to our club members for their teamwork and dedication to helping our club grow and prosper.

Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram. Please check out our webpage for club news and upcoming events.

Our next special club dance will be our Friday the 13th Dangle Dance on October 13, 2017 with a Special Guest Caller!

Click here  for the full newsletter.





Special Guest Caller: John Robbins

On August 4th we had special guest caller John Robbins join us for a fun filled evening. We want to thank him and his wife, Donna, for a wonderful time!

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With callers Ken 'Silver Fox' Perez and co-caller Shane 'Little Bear' Perez.

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